3DF Zephyr Dev Status (Avocado)

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The next version of 3DF Zephyr (Codename Avocado) is already in development. It will be ready around mid-May, here's a brief report of the planned features in development and their status.

Major features and updates

Samantha Speed up Samantha (our Sfm algorithm) is being optimize for speed. Preliminary tests show a speedup of 80%-20% with no loss of accuracy. In development (50%)
MVS Improvement Our multiview stereo routine has been improved on several part and it can recover even more detail then before. Furthermore, it is being optimized for speed with certain preset. In development (50%)
Sharp Photoconsistency We are testing our photoconsistency filter to be able to extract more details on very sharp / planar features. First results are very promising. Proof of concept (25%)
SDK for Linux Our SDK is being ported to Linux. We don't have a plan to port Zephyr in the near future, but we are porting the SDK for custom command line application. In development (50%)
Calibration manager With the camera calibration manager you will be able to manage your custom camera calibration locally. Ready for testing (90%)
Preset manager With the camera preset manager you will be able to manage your custom preset. Additionally you will be able to exchange custom presets with other people. Ready for testing (90%)
Quads import support Quads will be supported in input (obj and fbx) and you will be able to texture a mesh composed by Quads. Proof of concept (25%)

Minor bug fixes and updates

Video logo 3DF Logo updated on video export and it will be not mandatory in the Lite version. Completed (100%)
Orthophoto clipping Define minimum and maximum distance during orthophoto generation Planned (0%)
Orthophoto from points Orthophotos can be generated from points cloud Planned (0%)
Save clusters not reconstructed Saves all the clusters component created by Samantha as separate workspaces Planned (0%)