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! scope="row" style="width: 20%;" | Export self-hosted 3d model
! scope="row" style="width: 20%;" | Export self-hosted 3d model
| style="width: 60%;" | 3D models can be now exported as a self-hosted webgl / html page (can be easily embedded in any website or privately shared).
| style="width: 60%;" | 3D models can be now exported as a self-hosted webgl / html page (can be easily embedded in any website or privately shared).
| style="background: GreenYellow;" | Completed (100%)
| style="background: LimeGreen;" | Completed (100%)
|- style="vertical-align: top;"
|- style="vertical-align: top;"

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The next version of 3DF Zephyr (Codename Blueberry) is already in development.

The tentative release date is set for the beginning of November, although some closed beta versions will be certainly released before.

Here's a brief report of the planned features in development and their status.

Note: this is not the final feature lists: new planned features will be unveiled as we get closer to release!

Major features and updates

Automatic plane fitting for blueprints generation Automatic plane fitting will allow for a new tool to automatically extract sections/rooms specifically optimized in architecture/building scenarios (blueprints) (Aerial only) Completed (100%)
New planar surface drawing element Planar surface drawing elements can now be added and saved in the workspace and exported as CAD elements (Aerial only) In development (80%)
Depth map generation quality improved Our multiview stereo routine has been improved in several parts and it can recover even more detail than before. Completed (100%)
Large dataset Bundle adjustment support Bundle adjustment will be improved for dealing with very big datasets. Speed ups when using more than 500 photos during the orientation phase. In development (90%)
Depth map generation speed ups The depth map generation is currently the slower part of the pipeline. We are using novel algorithms to speed up the process considerably. Completed (100%)
Improved orthophoto generation Improved orthophoto generation. You can now use tiles and selection with rubber band on any mode. Results and workflow have been improved. Completed (100%)
Orthophoto in workspace Orthophoto can now be added and managed in the workspace In development (50%)
Knife cut tool Cut a mesh either by volume or by plane - the intersection will cut through triangles, making borders much more beautiful and asset-ready. Completed (100%)
OSGB/Ive support Tiles OSGB export support in the Aerial version. Completed (100%)

Export self-hosted 3d model 3D models can be now exported as a self-hosted webgl / html page (can be easily embedded in any website or privately shared). Completed (100%)
Improved thin structures extraction Improved thin structures extraction during photoconsistency In development (25%)

Minor bug fixes and updates

New bounding box Improved bounding box for better management and ease of use. Completed (100%)
Bindable keys All the Zephyr command keys of the render/main window will be bindable. Completed (100%)

Export texture images You can now export only texture images Completed (100%)
Limit rendering In order to accomodate huge mesh, an option is added to limit rendering, so that the workspace can still be navigated albeit without having control on said subject. Completed (100%)

Batch tool can load .zep The batching tool now allows to load a .zep, effectivly skipping the SfM phase when needed. Completed (100%)
Color comparison Cloud to cloud color comparison histogram (in addition to the distance one) Completed (100%)
Select cameras from 3D Select cameras with standard selection tools in the 3D rendering window Completed (100%)
Improved orientation Parameters and processes are better tuned to get a more accurate orientation in specific cases like fixed rigs or region with low overlap Completed (100%)
Bounding box selection New selection method with bounding box Completed (100%)
Improved UV viewer UV viewer for textures use now vector graphics for triangles Completed (100%)
Export to myminifactory 3D models can be exported to myminifactory.com In development (50%)
New dock for selection and editing Dock has been reorganized and new panels have been created for quick access Completed (100%)
Faster Mask by color Multithread mask by color computation Completed (100%)
Update to Cuda 10.0 Remember to update your drivers ;) Completed (100%)
Quick orientation tools don't change scale The quick orientation tools now don't change object scale (only the rendering scale) Completed (100%)
Detection of masks with different sizes Mask with a size different from the input image are now detected and discarded Completed (100%)