3D Reconstruction of an Optical Illusion

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Five years ago (3DF Zephyr wasn't released yet), I've been at the Escher Museum in The Hague, Netherlands. On a side note, I suggest paying a visit there as it's fantastic. I was puzzled by the portrait with an optical illusion of a 3D building.

Optical Illusion Escher.jpg

Here you can also find a Video (not mine)

So, I decided to take a few pictures. The pictures are just six (I was a Photogrammetry newbie at that time :) ), but later on, I run the dataset in Zephyr, and I've been able to orient them using the super slow (but sometimes useful) exhaustive preset. Here are the results of the 3D reconstruction:

It seems that Zephyr has been able to reconstruct the 3D portrait and the optical illusion :)

If you want to play further and solve the mystery, I've uploaded the full dataset here: https://shared.3dflow.net/index.php/s/mwzsq3H2Otmj1ob