Bishop's Hall Case Study

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The following case study has been carried out on the frescoed ceiling of the main hall of the Bishop's palace in Vicenza, Italy.

Pictures have been collected by exploiting a Nikon D90 - APS-C sensor - held on a tripod and a Sony QX100 - 1" sensor - mounted on the top of a carbon pole at a height of about 4 meters.

A couple of scans acquired using a Z+F 5010x laser scanner has been considered as well as the reference to properly scale the photogrammetric data.


All the data above have been processed in a 3DF Zephyr Aerial unique project, getting a 19 million points cloud from 153 pictures overall and two 88 million points scans.

Once the dense point cloud has been generated, both the scan have been imported and registered along with the photogrammetric cloud by using the Multi-ICP algorithm. The latter one has been scaled during this step, yielding the residuals showed on the image below.