How to embed a mesh in Facebook

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Since March 2018 Facebook added the option to embed 3D models in your Facebook posts.

At the time of writing, the current limitation is that the final file you will upload must not exceed 3MB, which can be challenging depending on the subject.

Once you have generated your textured mesh, click on the export function as usual and make sure to select the GLB format.

In order to stay within the 3MB limit you will probably need to decimate your model around 20000 vertices and export with a 2048x2048 texture.

In order to export to Facebook, the MLB file format is required. It's suggested to use jpg as texture file format.

A general workflow can be summarized as following:

  1. Generate your 3D mesh model as usual
  2. Decimate the mesh using the retopology filter
  3. Generate the textured mesh model with a maximum vertices set to 20000, Number of textures set to 1 and Texture size set to 2048
  4. Click the export textured mesh function
  5. make sure the format is set as Glb
  6. select JPG as texture format
  7. if you have generated the mesh with a target texture bigger than 2048x2048, select "2048" in the "rescale texture to" menu, otherwise leave it to nearest power of two.
  8. check "local rendering reference system"
  9. export
  10. Drag and drop on a new post to upload to Facebook