How to share your 3D reconstructions on a website

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There are many ways you can showcase your 3D reconstructions on a website. The most popular ways of sharing a 3D reconstruction on a website are embedding the 3D model or embedding a video of your reconstruction.

Embedding a 3D model on a website

3D models generated with 3DF Zephyr, either point clouds or mesh/textured meshes, can be easily embedded on a website.

You can either write your own code, for example by using existing libraries such as three.js or you can use third party services.

  • There are many three.js tutorials and example organized by model format, see the official three.js examples page
  • A great third party service you can use is Sketchfab which offers both free and paid accounts on their website and has lots of features for visualization. Uploading is extremely easy as it can be done directly within the 3DF Zephyr interface. You can refer to the official tutorial.
  • Another great third party service is (however Zephyr does not have an embedded uploader for yet)

Embedding a movie on a website

Since you can generate beautiful animations of your workspace directly within 3DF Zephyr (tutorial here) another great way to showcase your work is directly by sharing the generated videos.

  • You can use any web player compatible with the file generated by Zephyr
  • If you have a YouTube account, Zephyr can directly upload your video to YouTube, by selecting "Upload to YouTube" when exporting the video